Alstom Power STF units

ABB STAL VAX turbines (HT 10, HT16, HT25, HT40, LT17, LT25, LT33)

Alstom GT24 & GT26 (KA24 & KA26 ICS units)

Alstom retrofits of Westinghouse and General Electric units

ABB Generation generators (Vesteras manufactured)

Siemens SST-600 to SST-900 (ATP4) units

BBC (Brown Boveri, Corp)

ITN (industrial turbines produced in Nürnberg, Germany)

GEC Alsthom

Ansaldo Energia

BBC industrial turbines (IT or KT)

ABB Air cooled generators (WX14, WX16, WX18, WX21, WY18, WY21, WY23)

WBF, WBE & WBT exciters


ITH and Hydratight hydraulic bolts

And, of course, General Electric