Alstom Power STF units

ABB STAL VAX turbines (HT 10, HT16, HT25, HT40, LT17, LT25, LT33)

Alstom GT24 & GT26 (KA24 & KA26 ICS units)

Alstom retrofits of Westinghouse and General Electric units

ABB Generation generators (Vesteras manufactured)

Siemens SST-600 to SST-900 (ATP4) units

BBC (Brown Boveri, Corp)

ITN (industrial turbines produced in N├╝rnberg, Germany)

GEC Alsthom

Ansaldo Energia

BBC industrial turbines (IT or KT)

ABB Air cooled generators (WX14, WX16, WX18, WX21, WY18, WY21, WY23)

WBF, WBE & WBT exciters


ITH and Hydratight hydraulic bolts

And, of course, General Electric