IMG_2194 180 MW Alstom STF unit

  • Replacement of IP/LP rotor
  • Feathering of last stage blades
  • HP inner block shrink rings
  • WY21 generator overhaul.

IMG_2194 280 MW Alstom T238 generator

  • Completed major overhaul on (including emergent re-wedge, machine of the slip rings and H2 seal area!) in 21 days.
  • OEM bid for the basic open/clean/close in excess of 3 weeks.

IMG_2194 180 MW Alstom steam turbine 

  • Opened turbine for modification of last stage blades
  • Work done as a result of Alstom Customer Information Bulletin 2DESER00109U01 for low pressure turbines ND31, ND33, ND34 & ND41

recent1 100 MW Alstom (BBC) steam turbine

  • Stator core damaged
  • Baseplate grout damaged
  • New stator core installed using 500 ton mobile crane

recent2 95 MW GEC Alsthom steam turbine

  • Complete shaft train realignment
  • Identified and coordinated repair for coupling slipping in service.
  • Root cause identified during design review as insufficient pre-stress and safety factor by OEM.
  • Coupling faces machined, holes bored, honed and new studs installed with increase safety margin for operation and short-circuit events.

recent3recent4 2×300 MW Alstom STF steam turbine (two customers – four units)

  • Customer(s) presented with CIB (customer information bulletin) recommending replacement of last stage blades
  • Evaluated and coordinated recommendations for risk mitigation which allowed customer to operate the unit until a workable solution is available

recent5 1×180 MW Alstom STF steam turbine

  • Plastic deformation of IP/LP rotor creating high vibration and repeated field balancing
  • Reviewed bid specification and evaluated bidders
  • Supervised successful bidder for major overhaul and machining of new mid-span field balance plane
  • Supervised inspection of HP turbine equipped with shrink rings

recent6 1×80 MW Siemens VAX unit

  • Developed scope of work for overhaul
  • Evaluated bidders
  • Supervised successful bidder
  • Intervened to prevent additional charges for base scope work.