S90 hydraulic block parts and service

  • Complete set of seals for on-site inspections.
  • Shop inspection & bench testing in all operating modes.

Turbine & Generator tooling

  • Generator field slide shoes custom manufactured to your dimensions.
  • Waterproof case for long term storage.
  • Supplied with everything required for the job.

Metric hex inserts for hammer wrenches

  • Used in conjunction with metric hammer wrenches for loosening nuts with an inside hex.
  • Made of ETD-150, the highest tensile strength available.

Pressure test sets

  • Everything you need to diagnose problems on your equipment. No isolation valve required, hook it up directly and the check valve is lifted by the connector with no dip in pressure.

Calibration and repair of stud micrometers

  • New micrometer heads
  • Calibration certificate for micrometer standards
  • Waterproof case for long term storage.